Madejas contra la violencia sexista


Balls of wool against gender-based violence is a collective project that is creating an artistic piece through knitting-groups meetings where to raise awareness against sexist violence. A sorority space to work, create and struggle against discrimination and unequality

SORIROTY Testimonials

Since 2014, we have been teamed up with women from many autonomous communities and different countries in a space of learning and awareness, where to perform critical analysis and improve women’s reality all over the world.

Associations from Italy, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, England, Tunisia, Argentina -among some of those that came to us and keep on coming-, help us to bring the project’s threads to regions where the struggle for women’s equality is in different stages, but share a common commitment and a common determination.

As an example of sorority, participation is an essential axis of this initiative.


… “In Balls of wool against gender-based violence, we knit a future where equality will be the rule and sexist violence will have been banished from everyday reality, being just a bad memory from the past” …